Skandia Knive was founded in Istedgade in Aarhus in the mid-1970s. The intention was mostly to manufacture cutting blades for the shoe and textile industries, but subsequently it also expanded into other sectors, such as the furniture and carpet industry.

In the early 1980s, many of its blade customers began to move their production abroad,
and innovation was now essential in order to maintain a healthy manufacturing company.
It was therefore decided to move the company to premises in the centre of Hørning, where it was possible to install a laser cutter.
This is how Skandia Laser Teknik came to be established.
Now efforts were focused on the production of laser cutting, because the ambition was to become a permanent subcontractor for Danish companies.

A new workshop was constructed in 1985 and Skandia Laser Teknik had now achieved its goal to be a company that was exclusively a subcontractor in the area of laser cutting.
There was a lot of activity associated with the production, and over the years, they managed to squeeze 3 laser cutting systems into the now cramped premises.
The time had come to change production facilities again.

In 1999, therefore, Skandia moved to the “countryside” into a section of some existing facilities at Torshøjvej in Edslev.
These premises also offered space for a possible future expansion of the plant.
This option was immediately utilised to install a new laser cutter, which enabled the company to cut plates with the dimension 2000X4000 mm.
The company also invested in a press brake so that this service can now also be offered to customers.

The entire premises were acquired in 2003, making available an additional 1000 m2,
so that in addition to a warehouse, Skandia Vandskæring could now also become a reality.
It had long been a desire to offer customers the option of waterjet cutting, which allows cutting in almost any type and thickness of material.
The extra space also provided better opportunities to meet the increasing demands placed on a modern and versatile subcontractor.

A new warehouse was erected in 2007, which released space for new production machinery.
Another laser cutter and two grinding machines were purchased.

In 2012, Skandia Laser Teknik A/S became “ISO9001 Certified” and the company was recertified in 2015.

In 2014, Skandia Laser Teknik A/S became “EN1090 Certified”.

New production machinery was purchased in 2015 in the form of a fibre laser, a second waterjet cutter and a vibration deburrer.
The purchase allows the company to split up the production processes to separate the production of corrosion-proof material and steel.

In 2017, the machine park consists of 9 laser carriers – Of which the two are 6kW – 10kW fiber lasers, 2 water cutters, 4 edge presses. As well as various grinding and grinding plants.

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