Machine workshop


The grinding process:
In order to ensure that the finished products are uniform and amenable to handling,
it is important that metalwork-pieces have no sharp edges or burrs.
We therefore have 2 grinding machines for the grinding process:

1) Stainless steel material is processed exclusively on the Stainless-Costa grinder,
which is located in a separate department dedicated solely for the treatment of stainless steel.
2) Black steel is processed on our Costa grinder.
The processing work also includes an option to clean the items,
and for this we use both a centrifugal cleaner and a vibration deburrer.

Machine processing:
Our engineering department works with all types of traditional machine work, so we can handle a wide range of tasks.
Our employees have been engaged in the profession for many years,
and we attach great importance to providing a high level of service and professional advice about your product.
We perform all types of drilling, threading, countersinking etc.

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