Laser cutting

Skandia Laser Teknik operates production 24 hours a day from Monday morning to Friday evening.
We have a high-tech assembly of machinery and we continuously replace old machines,
so the plant is constantly provided with the most modern equipment.
For laser cutting tasks alone, we have 9 Bystronic laser cutters at our disposal, one of which is a 6kW – 10kW fibre laser from 2015.
3 of our 9 lasers are used exclusively to cut corrosion-proof material.
Cutting on these machines is performed exclusively on copper strips so as not to leave marks or stains on the back,
and these machines never come into contact with black steel.
Our machine operators are skilled employees who have many years of experience with the various machine functions.
They are updated and trained continuously when new equipment is acquired,
and continuing training programmes are regularly implemented so that safety requirements are always observed.

Skandia has a VIRTEK laser scanner at its disposal, so if there is a specific work-piece where the drawing file is missing,
we have the option to scan the object and simultaneously create a DXF file for the subsequent process treatment (see the video in the menu Media).
After cutting, all items are hand-sorted and inspected before they are packed on pallets with liners or foam,
and regardless of whether it concerns large or small projects, the service is always of the same high level,
ensuring stable and reliable packaging and delivery of the goods.

We can handle the following dimensions for laser cutting:

  • Black steel up to 25 mm
  • Stainless steel up to 12 mm
  • Aluminium up to 5 mm
  • Hole diameter down to 0.5 X sheet thickness, Please see hole. diagram
  • Max sheet size: 2000×4000 mm
  • Tolerances: +-0,3 mm, Repetition: 0,4 mm
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