“We cut razor sharp..!”

Skandia Laser Teknik
is always completely focused on the task at hand and we see opportunities rather than obstacles.
High flexibility, good service and reliability of delivery are key words for us,
and in conjunction with the individual employee’s job satisfaction, they mean that we are always a pleasant and serious partner to work with.
Our expert programmers in the order office ensure that all work-pieces are programmed and nested out onto the plates in the most material-saving manner.
This establishes a rational and efficient working process, which is a major factor in our drive to supply products at competitive prices.
Our production management system ensures an efficient flow through the various processes, and also timely delivery.
Our logistics department participate in each project throughout the process, and when all the processes have been completed, they take care of shipping the finished product.

To request a quote, please send an e-mail with the necessary information to ordre@slt.dk.
The processing time for quotes may take 1-2 working days. Necessary drawing information:
To avoid misunderstandings, errors and extended processing time, drawing information and other necessary information about the order should be enclosed, such as:
1. Drawing in *PDF format, preferably with unfolded *DXF and *DWG for quick quotation
2. Information on the number of items, material type and thickness
3. Necessary details, e.g. requirements for tolerances in *PDF and/or scratch-resistant material surface
4. Any preferred delivery date.

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